Digital Marketing Agencies that are doing wonders

April 24, 20224.9 min
Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing Agencies that are doing wonders

Digital marketing is becoming integral to every business. Digital marketing companies compete with the search engines to get ranked in Google Search. They look for an organic approach, the currency of a digital universe. Digital agencies are now replacing digital marketers for businesses – who can provide better tools and services. Digital marketing agencies need time to develop digital marketing strategies. Those that fail will fail. Here are some of the top digital marketing agencies that are doing wonders for business growth.

Conklin Media

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA) The most efficient way to grow your business through online marketing. Conklin Media specializes in business growth and focuses on implementing the Profit Path® strategy for businesses looking to expand their business. Core services: Web Design and Development Paid Facebook Integrated Marketing, Search Engine Marketing. Prices vary by project. Clients are based on a growth goal. Conklin Media provides services for a one year or an annual contract.


Located at the Phoenix Arizona Headquarters, it helps with SEO. Markitors provides services for small business marketing to customers. Core Services: Email Marketing Pay for Clicks Search Engine Optimization. Price : Minimum projects start at $1,000. Digital Marketing Services are offered at a cost of $ 5,000 monthly.


Harrisburg PA. (USA) Best if you want a complete ROI report, comprehensive reports and social reach. WebFX is an integrated web marketing company that provides effective online advertising solutions that can help a company increase its online presence. Core Services: Content Marketing Pay Per Click Pricing: The maximum projects will be around $1,000. For other services or pricing, please visit WebFX website.

Silverback Strategies

Headquarters: Alexandria, Virginia USA. Best: Reporting and marketing campaigns aimed at growth. Silverback Strategics provides professional marketing support services to increase the effectiveness of your websites. Services: Paid for Click and SEO. Pricing: The minimum amount of projects varies from $10,000 and up.


Carlsbad HQ (US) Best for: Optimum Return on Investment, well designed social media strategy. MaxAudience are a marketing strategist focusing on multichannel marketing services aimed at driving sales on your site and increasing revenue. Services include social marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing. Pricing: The minimum project size is $5,000 and will be a $100 – $199/hour hour rate.

Perfect Search Media

HQ: Chicago (U.S.) Best in optimizing Marketing Strategies through transparent client communication technology analysis. Perfect Search Media is a digital marketing company that creates custom strategies that deliver results faster. Services: Social marketing, search engine optimization. Prices: Minimum project size begins with $500, with hourly rates starting at $800 – $199 per hour.

Thrive Internet Marketing

Headquarters : Arlington, Texas. Web-based agency offering internet promotion solutions for many industries. It uses technology to attract customers by improving sales. Core services: Social media marketing and online advertising. Pricing: Minimum projects starting at $1000 have an hourly rate of between $100 and $49 per hour. Website. Thrive Internet Advertising.

Disruptive Advertising Inc

Lindon (United States) Best for: Creative Advertising, Paid Searches on Google / Yeaho /Bing, Facebook / Instagram/ LinkedIn. Disruptive Advertising Inc. has developed an internet marketing service to support your company’s growth through Adwords. Services : Social Media Advertising Pay-per-Clicks. Pricing: Minimum project sizes range from $500 with hours of $100 – $119 each hour. Site: Disruptive advertising.

Ignite Visibility

Located in the San Diego, CA office of High Touch Consulting, the company offers the following services. IGNESTIVITY is an innovative digital marketing agency offering complete marketing solutions. Services include: paid a visit pay a visit advertising, social marketing, email. Pricing: The minimum project fee is $500 and hourly rates range between $100 and $149.50.


Located in LA, USA, the most successful Digital Marketing Strategy. Data driven technology approach. WEBITMD is a leading digital media company delivering highly profitable lead generation marketing strategies for clients. Amongst other services: adwords & social media adwords and SEO. Pricing: Minimum project dimensions start at $1,000 with hourlies between $100 to $199/hr. The total cost for the whole project is $100.

Fuel online

HQ: Boston MA – United States – a top-quality enterprise SEO strategy with high ROI and linkbuilding. It’s the best rated performance advertising agency that has proven itself by the best-selling author and investors to give the best returns on investment. Basic Service: Social media, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Optimisation. Pricing: Minimum project dimensions begin at $50,000.

Lounge Lizard

Headquarters: Manhattan (USA) Best for: Combining high-quality design with intelligent marketing strategies. They are web developers that create website marketing plans to attract customers to your business. Services include Search engine optimization, pay per click, and social networking. Pricing: Usually projects begin in the range of $25,000. Hourly rates are $100 – $149 per hour.

Riggs Agency

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC Best for: High-quality creative marketing and branding strategies. They are true marketers at heart and developed websites and digital marketing strategies to attract customers to your business. Services include Website Design, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Google services, and business development. Pricing: Usually projects begin in the range of $12,000 and up. Hourly rates are $200 – $300 per hour. A monthly retainer is available.

How to choose the best digital marketing agency for your business?

By now, you might have noticed that all digital marketing agencies listed are uniquely focused on expertise, cost, and experience. Each company has a different value proposition that can help you grow your business. Some of these writers craft words and create bespoke designs for websites or other sites using the latest tools. Find the best agency to help you with your digital marketing.

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