Minority Owned Construction Company Gets Boost in Business

February 27, 20242.4 min
minority owned construction company MBE

Expanding opportunities for minority-owned businesses drives economic growth and prosperity for all communities. At Riggs Agency, we partnered with a certified African American commercial construction general contracting firm looking to amplify its expertise, accelerate digital outreach, and win more public-sector contracts.

Through advanced digital marketing strategies tailored to public procurement teams, we helped this contractor grow its sales pipeline by $38 million and secure major projects improving local schools and infrastructure. Its success highlights how prioritizing diversity provides mutual benefit.

Diversity Contractor Challenges: Unknown to Public Buyers

As a newer diverse-owned business, our construction client sought to build its reputation with government and public works decision-makers. While well-qualified on commercial projects, the firm remained lesser-known to purchasers and focused on equitable procurement.

The main obstacles it faced included:

  • Little brand awareness among procurement teams
  • Difficulty highlighting minority certifications
  • Few relationships with contract decision-makers
  • Unable to showcase a community-focused approach
  • Public buyers defaulting to familiar larger vendors

By improving outreach to purchasing decision-makers online, this company could demonstrate its strong capabilities while furthering inclusion.

Digital Marketing Strategies: Thought Leadership and Targeting

Riggs Agency devised an integrated digital marketing and PR strategy showcasing the organization as a leader in minority-owned construction services. Using targeted content, website optimization, ads, and analytics, our efforts:

Created Awareness of Technical Expertise We built an educational blog, case studies, and virtual events positioning our client as a trusted resource for institutional decision-makers. Content emphasized their diverse qualifications and community benefits.

Strengthened SEO for Public Sector Searches We optimized their website for keywords related to minority contractors and public procurement to improve visibility when government teams researched online.

Targeted Paid Ads to Contract Officers We ran LinkedIn sponsored content aligned to buyer attributes of contract decision-makers responsible for diversity requirements.

Tracked and Optimized Outcomes We measured key metrics like site traffic, bid requests, and proposal success to refine and maximize our approach over time.

Results: More Inclusion and Shared Success

Within 8 months, Riggs Agency’s targeted digital marketing strategies earned powerful results:

  • Over $38 million was added to the sales pipeline from new public opportunities
  • 83% increase in awareness among purchasers (survey)
  • 26% boost in RFP bid invitations year-over-year
  • 5 major new projects were secured, including schools and an arena
  • 212% more website traffic from government domains
  • 19% higher win rates when presenting capabilities online

By aligning digital strategies to diverse buying teams, our construction client continues expanding access and mutual benefit across communities. Their leadership spotlights how prioritizing inclusion drives shared progress.

Key Takeaways for Minority-Owned AEC Firms

Riggs Agency’s success boosting opportunities for this minority contractor provides valuable insights for MBE construction businesses:

  • Targeted content positioning drives awareness among purchasers
  • Optimizing for diverse buyer keywords improves discoverability
  • Personalized paid ads engage decision-makers with initiatives
  • Tracking brand sentiment and RFP metrics informs strategy
  • Digital outreach + expert qualifications = more equitable procurement

With the right digital approach, minority-owned AEC firms can build advocacy and expand access to contracts.