New Growth for an Engineering Firm with Digital Marketing

February 27, 20242.6 min
Engineering Firm Growth and Success

We take satisfaction in spearheading highly effective digital marketing campaigns for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms across the country. We partnered with a rapidly growing mechanical and electrical building systems engineering company to amplify their brand awareness, attract more qualified website traffic, and generate new sales opportunities.

Over 7 months our integrated digital strategy helped this firm increase leads by 206% and add $41 million to their sales pipeline. Their success highlights the tremendous value digital marketing brings to the AEC industry.

Business Challenge: Difficulty Standing Out in a Competitive Market

The engineering company approached Riggs Agency looking to accelerate their growth. As they expanded into new markets, they struggled to differentiate themselves from competitors when pursuing projects. With rising customer acquisition costs from traditional sales methods, they sought an online lead generation approach to connect with promising new clients efficiently.

Specific obstacles our client faced were:

  • Commoditization within a crowded MEP engineering market
  • Declining effectiveness of trade show booth marketing
  • High cost of bids lost to competitor firms
  • Lead generation is limited to referrals and conferences

It was evident a targeted digital strategy could help better highlight our client’s technical expertise while capturing more qualified prospects online.

Our Approach: Thought Leadership and Lead Nurturing

To address the firm’s business development challenges, Riggs deployed an integrated strategy leveraging thought leadership content, website optimization, lead nurturing automation and analytics. Our solutions included:

Thought Leadership Content Creation

We produced an educational blog, whitepapers, and videos to establish our client as trusted industry experts. This material spoke directly to their ideal commercial construction clients.

Website Optimization

By enhancing on-site SEO and conversion rate optimization, we ensured their expertise was discoverable when prospects searched relevant engineering terms.

Lead Nurturing Sequences

We automated email drip campaigns to turn new website visitors into qualified sales appointments. Personalized email content kept prospects engaged.

Analytics and Reporting

We provided dashboards, tracking, and reports highlighting successes to refine the integrated strategy continually. A data-driven approach maximized ROI.

Outcomes: 206% More Leads and $41 Million in New Business

Within 7 months of launching Riggs Agency’s digital marketing program, the engineering firm saw dramatic growth:

  • 206% increase in sales-qualified leads – Automated nurturing converted web traffic into sales meetings.
  • 57% boost in website conversions – Fresh on-site content drew visitors into their sales funnel.
  • $41 million added to the pipeline – New opportunities expanded their market reach.
  • 44% increase in search visibility – Consistent content publication and promotion enhanced SEO rankings.
  • 76% higher web traffic – Their expertise and thought leadership attracted more monthly visitors.
  • 23% lift in proposal win rate – Compelling content strengthened RFP responses.
  • 5 new major accounts – Inbound lead generation opened doors to anchor clients.

Key Takeaways for AEC Firms

Riggs Agency’s digital marketing success for this engineering company reinforces important lessons:

  • Establishing thought leadership builds trust and preference with buyers.
  • Automated lead nurturing captures more prospects from website traffic.
  • SEO visibility ensures buyers can easily find services online.
  • Conversion rate optimization lets sites turn visitors into leads.
  • Analytics equip teams to continually refine strategies based on data.

By leveraging inbound digital marketing, AEC firms can showcase expertise, attract qualified buyers, and grow new business with lower acquisition costs.