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The Riggs Agency uses important online marketing resources to help local businesses achieve their objectives. With reputation management, social media, responsive websites, review generation, and listings management tools, you can improve and strengthen your online presence, making it easier for consumers to find and trust your company in online searches.

Digital Advertising

With vital online marketing resources, The Riggs Agency assists Small Businesses in reaching their objectives. Build a better and stronger online presence with tools like Responsive Websites, SEO (Google), Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Review Generation, and Listings Management that help customers find and trust your company in local searches.

Website Development

People are searching online for services and businesses in greater numbers than ever before, whether on their phones or at home. And you’ll need a website to provide all of the details your current and future customers need, such as your address, phone number, social media accounts, and, most importantly, the services you provide. You’re letting those future customers slip through your digital fingers if you don’t have those key pieces of details. More than 60% of people access websites through mobile devices rather than desktop computers, so your site must be fast, safe, and mobile-friendly.

Listing Management

Do you know whether your online listings, such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp, would allow people to find you? Since 81 percent of people claim the internet is their first stop when looking for a company, you might need some assistance making sure your listings are up to date. Your company can be found with the Riggs Agency’s strong presence management software. What you’ll need to be found is Listing Sync, Listing Distribution, and My Listing, as well as our highly specialized Marketing Services Agents.

SEO (Google)

Make yourself the first option. You have a fantastic mobile-friendly website, but you’re on Google’s second side. That’s the death knell because if you’re not on the first page, those potential customers won’t even want to interact with you. Can you afford to be on the second page because more than half of people use general search words to find local products? With several applications designed to customize your site for Search Engines, The Riggs Agency will help you navigate the daunting landscape and get your website onto the first page. With our SEO services, we can do as much or as little as you need to get that valuable first-page position.

Social Media Marketing

Check to see if they like you. Don’t have enough time to engage with all of your online customers? So, how are you going to keep them engaged on the internet? The Riggs Agency will help you post content to your social media accounts. All of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, can be created, scheduled, and posted to. We will help you easily post content that will keep your customers entertained and loyal with our all-in-one composer and post-scheduling calendar. Allow us to be your go-to agency for all of your social media posts.

Reputation Management

It’s all about trust. Although you only get one first impression with each customer, due to the prevalence of online reviews, you don’t get to give them that impression. You want the 4-5 star rating to ensure that the 91 percent of people who read consumer reviews before visiting a company trust you and give you the chance to convert them into a customer. Those people may never cross your threshold, whether you want them to or not, simply because you don’t respond to any experiences, positive or negative. Allow the Riggs Agency to relieve you and your company of stress, giving you more time to WOW your customers and build a strong reputation.

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