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We assist you in your growth.
For over 15 years, we’ve partnered with construction firms. We are familiar with the industry. We know you’re selling a wide range of goods and creating a wide range of jobs in order to generate a wide range of leads. We assist you in obtaining the work you want as well as assisting you in selling to your ideal customers.

You need a website that is effective.
Your website as a construction company would cover a lot of land. You’ll be dealing with direct customers, as well as architects, contractors, and others. It’s a fine line to walk. That’s just the kind of challenge we enjoy. We create websites that appeal to your ideal customers and turn them into sales leads.

Strategies for Expansion
Your organization is attempting to do more with less resources. The labor shortage has had a major impact on the construction industry. We’ve collaborated with experts just like you to create growth strategies that close the gap.

We believe in marketing strategies that assist you in expanding your company. We don’t, however, stop at strategy. To put those tactics into action and make them work, you’ll need the right resources. We’ve got everything you’ll need. We have the resources and training your team needs to keep expanding, from email marketing to social media and advertisement promotions to serious contact monitoring.


It is important to attract and maintain more patients.
The Listing Builder Knowledge Engine was created with the goal of assisting health systems of all sizes with their digital knowledge issues, making their providers more discoverable in the quest, and eventually attracting new patients when it matters most.

Get new patients at the right time, every time.
More than 70% of patients look for services online, but just 17% of patients go to a health system’s website before scheduling an appointment. The easiest way to get patients is to make sure the data on your online listings outside of your website matches what’s on your website. When patients are searching, highlight the doctors’ and facilities’ credentials and honors. Our Listing Builder Knowledge Engine distributes your doctor profiles and facility listings to over 100 major multi-category sites, including Google, Yelp, Vitals, and more. Making it easier for patients to locate providers by fixing the data that appears to them.

Retail & Food

By owning an intelligent search, you can check out more customers.
Consumers who look for a business online are more likely to visit your place. In reality, three-quarters of people who use mobile location search (such as Google Maps or Waze) visit the same business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. With our Listing Builder Knowledge Engine, you can increase your chances of converting those searchers into customers.

Be present in the places where your customers congregate.
Our Listing Delivery Network, which is an essential part of your Local Marketing strategy, provides unrivaled data distribution to Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, and over 300 other third-party applications, maps, and social networks. Where and where customers look – on desktops, laptops, and handheld devices – your store listings will appear correctly.

Real-time updates, at your fingertips.
Hours during the holidays. Openings and closings of stores. Pop-up shops and store-within-a-store concepts are becoming increasingly common. Your business digital information isn’t static; it’s constantly shifting and evolving. With the Listing Builder Knowledge Manager, you can keep this information — and your sanity — in your business. Maintain real-time customer awareness through a network of over 300 directories, as well as the search engines, charts, and social media sites they use every day. Put an end to the internal and external frustrations caused by inaccurate knowledge.

Small Business

No matter how big or small the company is, conquering the local market is crucial.
You don’t have much time; after all, you’re running a company. Nonetheless, you recognize that in order to succeed, you must appeal to today’s mobile customers. It only takes a few minutes every month to update, monitor, and manage how your company appears online with our Listing Builder Knowledge Platform.

Fix the data and make sure it stays that way.
Frustrated by inaccurate online information about your company? We were in the same boat as you, and we’re here to assist you! Our direct integrations with the web’s leading publishers, such as Axion, Factual, and Neustar, enable you to quickly correct your business listings across the internet so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Monitor all of your listings from a single location.
Our Business Center software gives you a single platform to control your data through all of the applications, maps, social networks, and search engines that matter to your customers. Once you’ve made a change, you can publish it everywhere. If only all about business was as easy as this.

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